Become A Mysterious Person: Top 10 Awesome Traits

Personality refers to individual differences in characteristic patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving. Your unique nature makes you who you are and influences everything from your relationships to how you live.

Understanding personality allows people to respond to certain situations and the things they prefer and value. Although there are several personality traits, the traits of a mysterious personality are more interesting than others.

Mysterious people are more attractive because they allow you to be curious and wonder what they indeed are. Mysterious people don’t rush into revealing things about their personality and activities, and it makes us wonder, Sometimes fantasizing about what we could do together—adapting our dreams to their pleasures.

And the more we think about a person, the more we tend to be attracted to her. If you’re interested in developing such character traits in your personality, you need to follow these mentioned ways.

10 Ways To Be a Mysterious Person

People crave for mysterious. The art of being a mysterious personality is to make others feel connected and attracted to you. People use drawing power because they’re open to interpreting and imagining in their most familiar and predictable world.

Therefore, they feel more attracted to those who seem secretive and shy. Thus, to engage in front of them, you need to appear like a low-key person with different shades of personality to explore. To be a mysterious person, you must follow and adopt some ways to be a mysterious personality.

1. Become a Ghost: Don’t Be Available All The Time

Don’t always be available to others. The less you make yourself available to others, the more they will become curious about your existence.

On the other hand, if you make yourself less available to others, they will start feeling your absence and qualities and get more excited about you.

Therefore, you need to show your presence occasionally to them so that they start perceiving your presence as a reward. When available, give the listener a sense of belonging to that situation and deal with it accordingly. Stay true to yourself and make people feel unique around you as long as you have self-control over what you say and do.

On the other hand, if you think logically in a problematic case and do not overreact and instead motivate your mind to stay calmer in such a situation to think more precisely, you have a great tendency to become a wonderful, mysterious personality.

2. Make Them Curious: Don’t Reveal Everything About Yourself

From discussing their thoughts to gossiping about anything, mysterious people think logically before speaking. Therefore, their selection of words is highly influenced by their thought processes.

They communicate only purposefully and are less available to talk or meet. As mysterious people, they have the power to choose their words wisely and keep everything secret. They possess the ability to manage their non-verbal clues with verbal language to influence others. But when it’s required, they express their true self badly.

People will only love to know about your opinion when you have something different and unusual to share. Therefore, please share your opinion only when it’s required to create a strong influence on others by selecting words and logic.

As a result, people will approach you to share your facts and knowledge with them because they will start accepting you as an honest individual to rely on.

3. Be Multi-character: Don’t Be The Same Person Everywhere

Your personality matters a lot in attracting others. When you always present yourself to others in the same tone, perspective and with the same traits, they get bored and take you for granted.

Therefore, a mysterious person should be flexible in nature and dynamic, which causes others to become curious about your plans and goals.

Do not let everyone in your life quickly. Show them that you’re not afraid of being alone and busy with your own goals and activities. There should be something creative yet fresh they haven’t experienced from anybody except you.

Create a balance between your personal and social life, and don’t overshare. When you try to maintain yourself and appear with the same attitude the environment wants, they will become curious to know more about you and your personality, which will help you gain attention from others.

4. Spend Less Time on Social Media: Don’t Post Everything You Do

You don’t need to be extra intelligent and innovative to be a mysterious personality. You must develop a good balance between social and personal life to show your traits to others creatively.

To be mysterious, create a calm, somewhat serious and straightforward personality in both life domains and keep everything private. Do not post every single detail to your social media accounts. People will be in awe of your calm nature and irresistible energy.

People will start to wonder about your personal life and actions and secretly develops the courage to be like you. It will boost your confidence and motivation to work more on yourself, and as a result, people will become hypnotized by your actions.

5. Hide Your Cellphone: Never Use it in Public

The next step you need to learn to develop a mysterious personality is they observe everything in their environment and notice every little detail by hiding your cellphone.

Also, what makes people more engaging in a conversation is that they love to feel valued. Therefore, to make yourself attractive, try to come up with different and unique responses and non-verbal expressions to surprise others.

Never use your cellphone in public or during a conversation, which can negatively impact you. Also, you need to improve your observing skills, enhancing your intuition towards others.

Once you learn to observe the tones, words and expressions of others, you will be able to reciprocate the energy and emotions, which will help you to predict their following action toward you.

People tend to feel more attracted and concerned with those who reciprocate their interests and sentiments.

6. Be Unpredictable: Break The Habits

If you want to express yourself as exciting and attractive to others, do not spend most of the days with the same routine and activities.

Be different and creative every day, design your performance and make your plans. Keep your strategies and activities to yourself, and do not share anything with someone.

Show people that you love living independently and don’t like relying on others. Surprise them with your plans and interesting routine to make them more curious about you and make that hard for them to predict your actions.

It will make more wonder, and they will start following you to know more about your activities and habits. When it comes to goals, it is better to share them with others.

Once you achieve it, it will make you more memorable and different. Show the people less who you are; they will already perceive you as a mysterious personality.

7. Be The Opposite: Don’t Go With The Flow

Being the opposite means not following any trends. For example, everyone loves to buy a new smartphone whereas you choose to use the button phone! Or at a party, you don’t drink alcohol, only water! Wearing sunglasses at night. You do the opposite things to become mysterious.

8. Invest in Yourself: Get Busy with Your Own Goals

Although the above key points are essential for a mysterious person, there is no doubt that sincerity and genuineness attract people. Whether in a relationship, friendship or any other relation of life, try to act maturely and confidently in front of others with your true feelings towards them.

No matter how challenging situations you may face in your life, try to live independently with reasonable confidence and positive vibes to attract others.

Never give up on your conditions or someone, do not carry your past experiences with you or your grudges over something, maintain neutral thinking and give particular preferences to your thoughts.

Whenever a situation or people around you seem hopeless, use a different approach with a cheerful nature and speak for them. Mysterious people spend more time with themselves and less time with others. It makes others curious about your thoughts and words, and they find you more exciting.

Your opinions become more valued by them because they start perceiving you as an intelligent yet attractive person who doesn’t reveal themselves quickly. It gives people the desire to know more about you and your personality.

I have written a complete article on “how to invest in yourself” which includes 15 awesome ways to invest in yourself for a better life. Make sure you read it and practice in your life.

9. Sense of Style: Choose Your Dress Sense

Making an excellent physical appearance during a conversation is the best way to know someone and make them attracted to you. It shows confidence and a feeling of intimacy towards the other.

To be a mysterious person, you must upgrade your dressing sense and physical appearance with your personality. Try to make people smile during the conversation and surprise them with your unique mindset and attitude with good eye contact; it will make people listen to you more actively.

In addition, to make your conversation more interesting and creative, try to wear bright colors and loose clothing as it directly changes the mood of the viewer; it will help you feel active and comfortable and allows other people to talk in a mood.

People will start perceiving you as a bright, and attractive human and develop a keen interest in you to know your story.

10. Be a Loner: Don’t Be Afraid of Being Alone

Mysterious people are independent, and they don’t feel comfortable asking for help. They love to do their tasks on their own without letting anybody know.

They never bother about what others think of them and what they talk about their back. They love to live on their own. Their secretive nature and being independent makes them different and attractive to others.

They don’t like sharing their stuff and plans with others. You become less appealing when you constantly talk about yourself with others. Therefore, People go to the next person because the excitement and the spark to get to know you are gone. You don’t need to talk more or extra to be heard. When you speak less and work on your own, people will have the desire to know you more.

FAQ About Mysterious Person

a. Why may someone want to be a mysterious person?

If you possess mysterious character traits, others will indeed perceive you as an attractive, intelligent, and charming personality and value your opinion more than others.

Most people want to get noticed and attracted by others; therefore, they develop such character traits to let others feel curious about them. Also, being mysterious is peaceful. It makes you less dependent on others and helps you live your life without fear of being watched and judged.

When you don’t depend on others, you don’t need them to approve, understand, and validate your feelings and thoughts. It gives you a sense of independence and peace within yourself; many of us crave that peace.

b. Why are some people attracted to mysterious people?

Because mysterious people don’t rush into revealing things about their personality and activities, it makes others wonder and curious about them.

They show all of their character traits uniquely and create an atmosphere of anticipation in which people will pay attention to see what they do next. In addition, they use mystery to deceive and intimidate.

The more we think about a person, the more we tend to be attracted to her. In addition, they possess good social skills, communication power, thought processes and the ability to handle emotions which makes them more attracted to other personalities.


Only a few people know who they are and what character traits they can possess according to their personality.

Being mysterious is not about arrogancy, selfishness and attitude to neglect others and your surroundings. It’s about expressing yourself in a controlling and attractive manner.

Mysterious people know how to live their life by keeping everything on their own without any feeling of being judged. They possess a limited and intentional communication style and have the integrity to support others’ promises with honesty.

You can develop such a personality while being more subtle, making mystery part of your mien. By practicing silence and making ambiguous remarks, inconsistent, and appearing eccentric, you’ll project an aura of mystery, which others will build up by trying to interpret what you say and do. This can be your most accessible way to be a mysterious personality.