Top 15 Best Hobbies For Men That Increase Happiness in Life

Today’s modern life seems to be much more occupied and overwhelmed than ever before. People are so overloaded with work and day-to-day activities that they prefer to work round the clock. Everyone is struggling to cope with their daily lives, students for their assignments, others with their job targets, and some have their household chores.

But surely one can never be successful if they can’t find joy and pleasure in their lives. Keeping ourselves involved and engaged in amusing interests can help to stay bright, inspirational, and full of positive energy. Hence the secret of relaxation lies in carving out time for interesting hobbies and mark hobbies as a common part of our hectic lives.

In today’s world, man has to put a lot of effort to earn a good living. To keep up the pace, men also need a warm-up activity to reduce their boredom. Moderately they can spend time on hobbies they are fond of.

Therefore, whatever hobby you choose is a source of amusement for a cheerful life. Men get a new kind of pleasure in pursuing their hobbies. Practicing hobbies is the best remedy to distract an exhaustive mind and detox yourself.

15 Best Hobbies For Men

I have picked the 15 best hobbies for men in the following, but there are a lot more. These 15 hobbies are my favorite and I would suggest you pick at least 3 of them and practice regularly.

1. Regular Workout 

Let’s have a look at the versatile benefits and uses that can shape a man’s daily lifestyle. One of the enjoyable hobbies men can pursue in their wellness is the regular workout.

hobbies for men workout

Outdoor activities are really fun for men, surely a source of energy and a wonderful way to keep health in a good position. A basic workout such as walking, running, jogging, push-ups can improve physical and mental health.

Those men concerned about obesity can practice simple work out and make this their everyday hobby. One of its greatest benefits is that this hobby is vital for improving health conditions such as it boosts metabolism, effective practice to burn out calories making it one of the best hobbies for men.

As a result, prevents the occurrence of chronic diseases. However, men can find out this hobby a great motivation to spend their entire day lively and active.

Even 10 minutes of regular workout can act as an effective medicine to stay healthy and in a joyful mood. If performed daily, this fitness hobby is one of the most satisfying activities to escape dullness in life.

2. Yoga or Meditation  

Lots of men are exhausted as their workplace is loaded with job responsibilities, nevertheless tying up yoga as their daily hobby will ease stress. Some may think that yoga is only for girls, but it’s not. So, for men looking for some hobby that is disciplined and powerful then yoga is the key to it.

men yoga

Putting interest in yoga gives relaxation and peace of mind. It is one of the oldest and sacred meditations that works as a wonder to reduce stress and anxiety.

Yoga involves inhale and exhale exercises providing the benefit of improving breathing and oxygen intake. Therefore, a hobby like this can maintain health and fitness.

Sleeplessness is caused by a lot of stress which is so common these days, yoga made as a habit is proven to improve one’s sleep quality. It will become a favorite hobby as it can protect from diseases and has positive health effects.

Practicing yoga comprises inverted postures that circulate the flow of blood thus strengthens body and mind. Perfect for making it a hobby it is a meditation therapy for all problems related to inner peace.

You may think it’s not the best hobbies for men, but trust me, I have seen many men doing it and loving it.

3. Learn Another Language

Learning a new language is a talent that is extraordinary, and not everyone can do it easily. But if adopted as a hobby it can be interesting, as it opens new connections and enhances social circles.

One of the wonderful experiences one can explore is getting to know about different cultures. As the hobby of learning new languages can certainly make your journeys enjoyable.

Men are fond of making new friends so through this hobby new interactions can happen at the chance. Not only social network spreads but learning a new language as a hobby provides great benefits to students studying in a foreign country.

It’s a unique hobby providing some of the greatest gains, nevertheless, it makes you more intellectual as it makes life knowledgeable. An ideal hobby offering a lesson of patience and habit of tough work while needs a little attention and time but the result is fruitful.

Though listening to Korean music or watching Spanish movies will be much more entertaining than ever before.

4. Learning Musical Instruments

Like we all know, music is food for the soul. The healthiest hobby like playing piano develops cognitive abilities keeping individuals young and smart.

hobbies for men music instrument

More than a hobby learning to play different musical instruments is a fulfilling pleasure. Once known which instrument is best to learn it can really refine one’s mental and emotional abilities.

Top 10 Instruments You Can Learn as a Hobby:

  • Guitar
  • Ukulele
  • Keyboard
  • Drum Kit
  • Violin
  • Flute
  • Bongos
  • Harmonica
  • Kalimba
  • Xylophone

Moreover, it’s an excellent creative extracurricular activity that enhances talents and skills. Fun-loving hobby having exciting benefits such as personal confidence and motivation is boosted that grows stronger with time. It’s never too late to learn a hobby that gives relaxation and pleasure to be happier.

It shapes men as an artist that can just express their emotions and feelings through musical notes. For a quick start just pick the easiest instrument to play in no surprise it will give a platform to produce something unique. For example, you can become a musical performer and create something of your own and gain fame.

5. Travelling New Places

Exploring opportunities to see a new world out there is always a dream of anyone who loves adventures. Nevertheless, a hobby like this is lovable enough for discovering a new place for thrills and fun.

A refreshing habit is so full of excitement that surely gives a break from our boring routine. As a wanderlust, this hobby is perfect for anyone who seeks to learn about historical and ancient cultures.

It’s a breathtaking activity in which one just gathers their favorite memories of their journey’s experience. Luckily if chosen as a hobby it offers meeting new people and building new social channels.

Travel blogs are one of the attractive trends on the internet these days. Hence a hobby like this opens various opportunities, for example, being a travel blogger is a powerful way that can offer fun and joy in life. This is one of the best hobbies for men who love to travel and want to be travel blogger.

6. Computer Programing

Can computer programing be a hobby? what do you think?

Computer Programing is normally considered a tough job that is only possible in enterprise environments but trust me, it is not like that. If you have a curious mind, Programing can be a great hobby for men.

men code

Anyone can begin by learning basic programs like “How to make a calculator” And then move step by step. These days, Programming is made so easy, that you can even begin by making small games from scratch.

The development tools are self-explaining, and anyone can learn basic programing without any effort. Understanding the importance of Programing in today’s world, Programing is taught in schools to all students as an “extra-curricular” activity.

This has been proved in multiple kinds of research that Computer programing helps human minds are multi-tasking, multi-processing, decision makings, and logically thinking about real-life problems.

It’s never too late to start learning how to program, as there are hundreds of examples of men starting to learn even after retirement.

But still, if you think it’s not the best hobby you can choose, there are plenty more to choose from. Keep reading.

7. Car and Bike restoration

Like we all know, Cars and bikes for men are more important than their wives – pun intended. So if you have some spare money, and time, buying any old car or bike and restoring it to a new look is a great hobby for men.

hobbies of men car repair

You may get your hands dirty but the result will always be amazing. Once, the restoration is complete, the car or the bike can be used for personal use, It will generate a classic impression anywhere it will go.

If it was some rare model of vehicle, it can be sold as antiques at a much higher price. Even if it wasn’t rare, But the restoration was done right, it will still pay off a good price. So, this hobby for men is something that men will love to do and will also make huge money out of it.

8. Cooking

As matter of fact, men typically love food more than women. Surprisingly having a hobby of cooking can provide a healthy lifestyle.

hobbies of -men cooking

Somewhat exceptional about this hobby is that it will give the pleasure of making family and friends happy. More interestingly, cooking practiced as a hobby is fun, just try out any taste you desire to eat.

Health is desired to live longer hence cooking is a great way to make your recipes and prepare some nutritious dishes. Cooking on own is an art a hobby like cooking will save costs and serves as a money saver for some.

Men at an early age, who learn to cook as a hobby, know their responsibilities and chores well.

9. Volunteering

For someone who likes responding to social responsibilities, and spending time on noble causes, volunteering adopted a hobby that teaches a lesson of helping society and earns self-fulfilling.

Men are social creature by nature, it allows to connect with the community and making it a better place. So, during free time, volunteering oneself for social causes is a great hobby.

Eventually, men become part of a big social network, The neighborhood issues decrease every day, problems in the society are solved collectively.

There have been known cases where volunteering has saved many lives. A hobbyist volunteer who trained for the fire brigade is as important as the fire brigade itself. Volunteering is a hobby of teaching generous skills such as modifies a man’s nature.

Do you know Rotary has been working to eradicate polio for more than 35 years? I am a member of the Rotary club, volunteering with them for a couple of years. Give them a try.

10. Active Sporting

Playing sports has a lot of valuable benefits, Hobbies such as volleyball, cricket, football, tennis are a great way to keep in shape.

hobbies of men sports

Active Sports as a hobby for men helps in better metabolism, improved blood flow, and muscle exercise. Once this hobby becomes a daily routine, participating in these sports becomes an addiction for the body and the muscles get strong.

This hobby, in its natural cycle, acts as a vitamin to boost energy. Soon one can become a sports lover as it will give a spirit for competitions and challenges. It can teach us leadership and teamwork such qualities are vital in student life and for the career.

Such a recreational hobby with some of its loved benefits will not make life dull. Instead, it’s a treatment for being active, staying full of energy,  and helps to support overall wellbeing.

If you want to try something crazy with your friends, this is what you can do.

11. Playing Mind Games

Playing mind games such as chess, poker and sudoku is a great way to spend your time, while secretly keeping your brain sharp. It helps greatly in improving decision-making and problem-solving skills.

Mind games can be played alone, with a friend, or with a group but it depends on game to game. For example, chess can be played with a friend, poker with many friends, while solving sudoku is a hobby for lone wolves.

In today’s world of connectivity and globalization, there are hundreds of mind games available on the internet. Even our favorite tic-tac-toe is available to play with your friends online. Certainly, such mind games are a great way to improve intelligence, while also allowing to socialize with other people.

12. Reading & Writing

For minds that like reading and writing, this is the best hobby that can expand views on a broader scale as it improves intellectual skills.

While both the skills combined provide greater benefits, reading or writing alone certainly improves personality.

Knowledge gained is like a treasure. A reader or writer will always gain something in the end. This hobby can never bring any disadvantage. While reading is a hobby that will always improve your knowledge, If done right anyone can make a lot of money using the writing skills.

For example, a niche-based writing skill -for example fictional writing- can even result in a high-paying job. And even if you don’t want to get paid, or make money out of it, still it is a good hobby.

The least that can be done in writing an autobiography about oneself and then self-assessment can be done to learn a lot about life from it.

13. Start a Blog or Website

A few years ago, blogging or making a website was considered a very technical thing to do, Thanks to the latest easy-to-use tools, like WordPress, blogging as a hobby has become very easy and popular these days.

Anyone can start a blog with very basic knowledge. You don’t need a lot of money, to begin with, blogging. You don’t even need highly specific knowledge about any particular thing. Instead, you can begin with very basic blogs, like your daily routine, your travel pictures, and stories.

Even if someone is an introvert, he can make blogs about “how to spend your time as an introvert” or “how to do your chores”. These blogs, once published, can bring a lot of popularity, fame, and money while sitting in the comfort of home. Cool, right?

Here is a video to guide you on how to make your blog with WordPress:

This is the best hobby that fits me the most. Also for many, it can be a life-changing hobby.

14. Making Furniture or Upholstery/DIY

It is highly doubtful if someone says he never wanted to make his own furniture. This hobby requires quite a skill, a lot of free space in your home, and more than a few bucks.

But if someone has all three, or say after learning the skills, and knowing the tools, this hobby can do wonders for men. although this hobby requires quite hard work, if done right with the right tools, men can create anything out of it.

The most popular DIY – do it yourself – is making a river-themed dining table. As I said, this hobby requires more than a few bucks, and this may sound like a no-go, but imagine your drawing room, filled with the furniture of your own choice where everything is exactly like you wanted it to be.

These artistic creations can also be sold at very high prices.

15. Drawing, Coloring & Painting

For artistic minds out there, a creative hobby is waiting for them. Just play with colors and make any piece of art inspired by anything. This is the best hobbies for men with creativity.

Hobbies of men painting

A relaxing hobby in which wonderful imaginations can get an appearance through drawing and painting. It’s a hobby that anyone can enjoy and express their thoughts, such as take a piece of canvas and toss colors of any choice an abstract is formed.

Taking it up as a hobby will never make you feel gloomy instead there is creative growth. The hobby is also naturally gifted to some but anyone can adopt it and enjoy making artistic paintings out of it. This will not only allow the mind to relax, but these creations can be a source of décor for your rooms, dining rooms, drawing rooms, etc.


Now that the importance of hobbies and their benefits are explained above, it’s never too late for men to adopt a hobby and start or end the day with their favorite hobbies.

Nonetheless, hobbies can be a way to live a fulfilling life as men can choose the hobby, they love the most. It can be any of the hobbies, from the list above or whatever they love.

The good part of having a hobby in your daily routine is that it acts as meditation and boosts confidence. Therefore, taking time out of the daily schedule for the hobbies men truly want may help in maintaining a balanced work-life and entertainment.

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