15 Best Profitable Niche for Amazon Affiliate

If you are searching for a business idea to start with very minimal investment, you are in the right place. This article will guide you on creating a profitable business leveraging the giant Amazon.

Best Profitable Niche for Amazon Affiliate

Amazon is the world-leading online shopping platform with thousands of products. Besides shopping, do you know that you can make money from Amazon? Wondering how? I will show you.

Affiliate marketing is a business model where you promote a company’s products and get paid per unit sold. Starting an affiliate marketing business just requires you to have a laptop/ mobile phone, internet, and an affiliate account with the company you represent.

In this article, we shall be discussing how to make money on Amazon as their affiliate. You shall also learn about the best profitable niches for Amazon affiliates.

Let’s make money, shall we?

1.   Luxury Beauty Products

We all want to look good, right? That’s why you can never go wrong marketing Amazon Beauty products. This niche is best for beauty lovers; you get paid for doing what you love! Amazon has over 20,000 beauty products from high-end brands like Chanel, Givenchy, and Dior. Promoting these Amazon luxury products gets you a commission of 10% per unit sold. If in a month you sold beauty products worth $2000, you earn a whopping $200!

With a 10% commission, you can make quite a sum of money promoting beauty products on Amazon. The luxury beauty products on Amazon include make-up kits, hair products, face products, etc. The best part is, you don’t have to worry about handling the products, shipping them, or customer payments. Your work is to promote these luxury beauty products and once a person you referred shops and pays for the item, you get a commission.

2.   Books

 In every corner of the world, people are searching for knowledge. Where there is need, there lies an opportunity. Did you know that in every topic under the sun, there is a book published about the topic? On Amazon alone, there is a library with over 50,000 books, all for sale!

To make the most money out of Amazon, consider promoting books on Amazon. This niche is recommended to book lovers and authors who are interested in making some extra income.

Amazon pays out an affiliate commission of 4.50% per every book you sell. If you buy, read and love a book, recommend people to buy it on Amazon. As an author, list your books on Amazon for a better market.

3.   Kitchen Appliance

Do you enjoy your kitchen time? Do you have a business selling kitchen appliances? If you are either or both, you should consider being an Amazon affiliate to promote kitchen appliances. You can make money promoting Amazon Kitchen appliance products on your page or website.

No one can survive without food. With this in mind, you should know that there is a huge market for kitchen appliances worldwide. On Amazon, you can get all types of kitchen appliances. As an Amazon affiliate, you should consider promoting products under this section.

As an Amazon affiliate, you are paid a 4.50% commission for selling kitchen appliances. With the huge market and good commission payout, this niche is quite profitable.

4.   Automotive Tools

The world is turning into a machine world where almost all sectors now have the equipment to make work easier. There is a huge need for automotive tools to aid in repairing these machines. For example, there are a lot of automotive tools designed for cars.

As mentioned earlier, this need creates an opportunity. If you are an automotive lover, mechanic, engineer, etc. you can make money on Amazon promoting automotive tools. These include screwdrivers, hydraulic lifts, creepers, protective gear, etc.

All these products and thousands more are listed for sale on Amazon. Promoting and making sales of these automotive tools on Amazon gives you a 4.50% commission. This is a very profitable niche for old Amazon affiliates or those just starting.

5.   Fashion

Clothing is classified as a basic need. The market for shoes and clothes for children and adults is almost always evergreen. The Amazon fashion affiliate niche, where you promote clothes, jewelry, shoes, watches, etc. is highly profitable. You should highly consider marketing these basic items to make extra cash on Amazon.

If you are a designer, fashion lover, and jewelry enthusiast, you can convert the love by signing up as an Amazon affiliate. You will be paid handsomely promoting the Amazon fashion items in their catalog.

As an Amazon Fashion affiliate, you are paid a commission of 4.00% when you sell items categorized under the fashion section.

6.   Home Improvement/ DIY

DIY is an acronym for Do It Yourself. DIY tools enable you to do something yourself thus saving money. With the hard economic times, everyone wants to save some pennies. Home improvement tools are also very popular.

This Amazon Affiliate niche is well suited for creative people and home improvers. Amazon has a wide range of DIY and home improvement tools that you can sell to people. These include hairstyling kits, repairing kits, DIY tools for home improvement, etc.

In terms of commission, this niche gives you an affiliate commission of 3.00%

7.   Sports

On Amazon, sports lovers are well catered for. If you are a coach, sportsperson, golf pro, etc. you can consider this Amazon sports niche. Amazon has in store a wide array of sports products. These include athletic clothing, golfing equipment, gym clothing, and equipment, etc.

Reputable brands like EVERLAST and UNDER ARMOUR products can be found on Amazon. The Amazon affiliate program is very profitable as it has a lot of sub-categories under it. In America for instance there were over 52.97 million users of treadmills in 2017 and the number is increasing each year. Humans need to keep fit and there is a huge market for sports equipment. Even if you just focused on selling body fitness equipment, you would still make good commissions.

Affiliates can earn a commission of 3.00% per unit sold under this section.

8.   Baby Products

Amazon baby store provides a lucrative affiliate program. This niche is well suited for stay-at-home moms, baby doctors, and baby-lovers. You can have your baby products listed on Amazon or promote the various products available.

You can make huge commissions here because an average of 385,000 babies are born each day. In India, approximately 60,000 babies were born on New Year’s Day. These babies need diapers, toys, clothing, etc. all found on Amazon baby store. You can be assured that investing in this niche will earn you handsome commissions.

Though Amazon pays out a commission of 3.00% under the baby’s category, there is a huge market for babies’ products.

9.   Pet Products

According to research, 33% of homes worldwide own a pet, specifically dogs- men’s best friend. In the USA alone, over 69 million dogs are petted. Just like humans, these pets have their own needs. These needs create a profitable business on Amazon by selling pet products.

On Amazon, pet products available include pet food and treat, health supplies, toys, bed and furniture, collars and leashes, etc.

Pet owners, lovers, and veterinaries can do well in this niche. With specialized knowledge, you can sell more products in this category. Amazon will pay you a commission of 3.00% as an affiliate of pet products. The percentage pay may be low but the demand for pet products across the World is huge. This is a profitable niche to consider while freelancing for Amazon.

10. New Tech/Gadgets

 Technological advancements are unveiled almost every day. Newer and better gadgets are being added to the list almost every day. These new gadgets are creating a very huge market, especially to the youth audience.

Computer gurus, the youth, and the general audience can perform very well in this Amazon affiliate setup. New and popular new tech gadgets on Amazon include sleep headphones, Bluetooth speakers, Wi-Fi gadgets, and other newer gadgets like smartphone screen magnifiers.

The new technology business is very wide and very profitable. Everyone wants to have the latest gadgets, so why not help them get them on Amazon? You will not only help make their lives better but also make good commissions on Amazon Affiliate program.

11. Travel

Humans are always in motion. We travel for fun and holidays, for businesses or to meet our families. While traveling, there are must-have items like travel bags and toiletries. If you love traveling, or you have a travel/trip website or social media page you can make more money by advertising Amazon travel products to your followers or/and friends.

Though the corona pandemic disrupted the travel business, this niche is still very profitable as people have to move from place to place. Amazon features wonderful travel items like neck pillows, toiletry bags, cosmetic cases, silicone travel bottles, luggage bags, etc. With these and over 10,000 travel products listed on Amazon, you can be sure that you have a wide array of products to promote on your sites.

You get a commission of 4.00% when people buy travel products through your affiliate link.

12. Music Instruments

The music industry is one of the best performing industries in the world. Music, whether made to entertain or inform, earns a lot of people big money. Amazon houses over 20,000 musical instruments. You can get guitars, drums, microphones, DJ instruments, recording instruments, strings, etc.

The music instrument niche is very profitable because there is a high demand for these instruments. Clubs, studios, casinos, places of worship, etc. need these instruments. People also buy these instruments to use at home.

If you are a music enthusiast, producer, artist, guitarist, etc. this niche suits you well. The need for musical instruments will put you at the forefront of making huge commissions on Amazon. Amazon rewards affiliates selling products under this category a 3.00% commission per unit sold.

13. Lawn and Garden

A lawn is a piece of land covered with grass and a garden is a set-aside land for growing some plants. They make homes or outdoor places like golf courses beautiful with a touch of nature. So, where is the business here? Lawns and gardens need to be taken care of, and there are tools and equipment to help people do that.

In 2020, there were 228.73 million people owning lawn and garden equipment in America alone! The equipment includes lawnmowers, water pipes, water sprinklers, garden sculptures, outdoor lighting products, etc.  Amazon has these products in their catalog.

Landscapers and gardeners can choose to be Amazon affiliates and promote these products related to their profession. Commissions under the lawn and garden category are 3.00%.

14. Electronic Products

Electronics have become a part of our daily life. They make our lives better, from TVs, refrigerators, laptops, radios, and mobile phones. 62% of the world’s population owns a mobile phone, and there are over 2 billion TV owners worldwide. Electronics create a big space to make money.

On Amazon, you can get over 200000 electronic products ranging from office to home electronics. The high demand for electronics makes this niche very profitable. This category suits almost everyone who loves selling since it’s a popular category with many products.

You can promote laptops, smartwatches, cameras, and other listed electronic products on Amazon and get a commission of between 2.00% to 2.50%. A TV for example has a 2% commission while Personal Computer (PC) has a 2.50% commission.

15. Amazon Own Products

The last recommended amazon affiliate niche is selling Amazon-owned products. The Amazon Company has 45 brands with around 243,000 products, which accounts for about 1% of their retail sales. These brands include Amazon fresh, Amazon essentials, Amazon elements, Happy Belly, etc. with products like coffee, baby diapers, vitamin supplements, etc.

If you love being unique and/or an Amazon lover you can choose this affiliate niche. Amazon is a reputable brand and selling its products is very profitable. They list their products on the first search pages so your customers can buy them faster.

Amazon also rewards a 4.00% commission to affiliates marketing their owned products.

To get the updated commission rete you can check the Associates Program Standard Commission Income Statement Page.

Choosing the best Amazon Affiliate Niche

You’ve seen the 15 best profitable niches for Amazon affiliates but you still don’t know how to choose the best one for yourself. Worry less, in the next 2 minutes read you will have your answer.

Choosing the best niche is personal. To get the best answer, ask yourself these questions:

What do I enjoy doing?

What is my talent?

Which products best suits my network needs?

How large is my network?

If you answer correctly, you will find the best niche for you. Let’s say Ali enjoys sports, talented in athletics, his network includes coaches and fellow athletes and has a small network of people around his town. What niche can you recommend Ali? Sports, right?

Do some brainstorming to also get your best niche for Amazon affiliate. 

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