Best 17 Crazy Things to Do With Friends

No matter how busy you are with your life, here are some crazy things to do with friends you must try to create great memories for your future.

Work has its ways of taking up all our time and pulling us away from friends. It’s a hassle! However, we’ve got the weekend to hang out and catch up with friends.

So, say NO to boring hangouts and just try something CRAZY!

Top 17 Crazy Things to Do With Friends

I know there are thousands of crazy things to do with your friends but I have choosen 17 easy-to-go activities that anyone can do. Try anything you like to spice up the day. The most important part is to have fun.

1. Crash a Wedding

You and your friends can decide to attend a wedding without being invited. Try going to a hotel bar with your friends and, of course, order some drinks while you afterward bump into a group of bridesmaids and join them in the wedding reception.

You could also do something crazy like photobombing in their wedding photos or make a pass as part of the invitees.

If you want to crash a wedding, having a relative at the party could make it easier. BUT don’t act silly. You can have so much fun without ruining someone’s perfect day.

2. Wear a Crazy Outfit and Roam Around

 YES! This could be fun and hilarious and something to be tried out.

Create some crazy costumes from your closet, try on these costumes, and for your friends to vote on while they take videos and pictures.

Visit a thrift store and try on some weird pieces. Just match different outfits, play with colors, and pretend you’re fashion icons.

It might not be Halloween, but it could be crazy fun!

3. Do a Crazy Photo Shoot

Taking a crazy photoshoot allows you to own a memorable photo you could keep for ages.

You could make the photo colorful by going on an adventure or visiting a new location. Get engaged and do something out of the ordinary. You can go with a tripod stand to capture all moments better.

A public photo booth is also a great place you could stop by and get nice pictures together.

Salvage the most out of the moment while bringing the best memories you will cherish for a long time.

4. Make a Movie (homemade)

This is quite engaging but is a whole lot of fun when you do it with friends.

You’ll definitely need a lot of things put in place to achieve a finished movie. Brainstorm with friends and create that intriguing and memorable story.

Each one of you could play different characters that you will develop yourselves.

Next up, set up the scenes, take each footage, and finally have more fun editing the movie.

Quite a task, right? But not to worry because it will be less work but more fun as long as you’re doing it with friends.

5. Try to Break a Guinness World Record

At some point in our lives, we all have always wanted to break a record.

You can become a record breaker and have fun while doing it.

There are different records you can try to break. Surf the internet and explore some records you could try exceeding. The exciting part of this is that you can try it out at home or outdoors.

For instance, Pavol Durdik from Slovakia has a record for putting on 28 socks on one foot in 30 seconds.

Well then, you could try being a record-breaker by putting on more socks in one foot in the same estimated time or even in a shorter period.

You could try out other records to break; it’s pretty easy. You just have to be creative about this. Keep track of the time while you do this!

6. Invite a Poor Person to a Warm Meal

The sole aim of trying out these crazy ideas is not just for fun but for the total satisfaction we would get from it.

Putting a smile on someone’s face and making someone’s day is satisfying.

You can consider organizing a barbeque outdoors for not just your friends alone but particularly strangers.

I tell you that this rarely happens in our world today which is why you should try it out.

You never know how much you’ll enjoy yourselves while doing this.

7. Be a Homeless Wanderer for One Day

Pretending to be homeless seems a bit overboard, but who cares when you want to have CRAZY FUN?

You and your friends can get dressed as weird and lost people in funny clothes. Then, storm out of your houses, try eating, showering, or sleeping at different spots.

Walk an average of 10 miles that day.

Though you’ll be away from the comfort of your home, who cares? Think about how adventurous this will be.

8. Sleep Under the Stars/0n a Beach

You and your friends can get away from the whole noise of the city and just relax at a beach.

Get tents, footprints to spread on the ground to protect the floor of the tents.

Also, get down sleeping bags and inflatable pads.

Make sure you go with the board games like the card games and anything you can think of but try not to overpack.

Pick a spot near the beach and experience the outdoor beauty under the same night sky.

Also, don’t forget the campfire set, as this is needed for warmth.

9. Compliment Strangers

We all love compliments!

But you have to know how to do this. As they say, classic compliments are bland—spice up your compliments with hilarity and wits.

When you talk to people you don’t already know, you force yourself out of your comfort zone.

While doing this, be unique and sincere. You don’t always have to compliment just the physical appearance, you could complement their smile or voice.

A simple compliment could make someone’s day.

10. Make a Call to a Random Number

When you are bored and the day suddenly seems to be longer than usual, making a prank call is perfect for passing the time and a lot of fun.

There is a list of funny random numbers you could dial while just there sitting on your couch.

For instance, try calling a friend or family member with an unknown number or call an unknown number totally.

You can also make a prank call to a restaurant.

Mind you, while doing this, don’t go overboard so as not to get into trouble or offend the other party.

11. Get High for Once

Now is not the time for you to play safe.

Pick any bar of your choice. To make this more fun, don’t go to your regular bar. Go to a bar you’ve never been to before and get high.

Getting high also could bring out the adventurous side of you. There are crazy things you and your friends can do when high—hiking when high is a relaxing and rewarding experience. You can also have a bike ride.

However, you don’t necessarily have to go out to get high. This is safer as you wouldn’t need to fear getting lost on your way home. When you get high at the comfort of your home. Have a dance party or play home games.

Do those things that ordinarily you wouldn’t do.

12. Jump Off a Cliff Into the Ocean

To have the most fun out of this, you and your friends must be expert swimmers, so you don’t risk your lives.

Have your friends capture a picture of you in the air or the cold water. You could wear sneakers or water shoes to avoid cutting and bruising your feet.

Try to keep your body in a streamlined position when you jump. Enjoy the time spent in the air. This could be a great feeling when you finally relax.

13. One Week Camping in the Mountains

Wow! You finally have one week to spend with your friends.

Camping in the mountains is a perfect crazy idea to make those memories. You have to make the most of this because this opportunity is rare to come by.

Before you go camping, brainstorm and create fun ideas and classic camping activities to make the most of the experience.

Some activities you could try out are; campfire cooking, campfire stories, hammock hanging, fishing, hiking, or campfire songs.

Just get creative about this, and don’t forget to take those pictures and make those videos.

If you are planning to camping, make sure to camp in the best season to uncover nature’s beauty.

14. Do a Good Deed Together

A kind gesture has the potential to make the world a happier place.

What is the essence of happiness if it is not shared?

You and your friends can decide to act kindly to someone. Try doing something that contributes to the positivity of the community.

For instance, plant a tree together to spread the beauty of nature. Get flowers and send them out to someone you know that might appreciate this.

Send a kind note to someone you admire or who has in one way helped you in the past.

Voluntarily clean up your favorite public space or hang out spot or park. This could be tasking, but it might just be that crazy fun idea you need with friends.

15. Take Part in a Marathon

Participating in a marathon is not only fun but also an opportunity to meet new people.

If you haven’t tried a marathon before, try it out! It is an experience like no other. Though it might be painful and grueling, it can be a rollercoaster of emotions.

You might as well be killing two birds with a stone because, in the act of getting the fun you need, you are also giving your body the chance to stay fit.

16. Go Bungee Jumping

You have to be confident about this. Wear anything you feel comfortable in. You just have to be relaxed about this.

You can bungee jump barefoot or with closed shoes depending on the weather and location.

If you have a fear of heights, this is an excellent opportunity to overcome that fear.

Besides, you won’t like to chicken out in front of your friends.

Also, note that some weathers are not suitable for this. But if it’s summer, you can go bungee jumping anytime.

17. Make Something from Scratch

Honestly, this is hugely satisfying!

Having DIY skills will make this even better. One project you can try creating from scratch is baking. You could bake a cake while using a cookbook.

And hey! Note, the idea here is not to go to the store and get a box of cake mix. This wouldn’t be you making it from scratch.

To make something from scratch is to make it without any ready-made material and ingredients.

Aside from the fun, making it from scratch creates the tastiest cake while you learn simultaneously.  

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Have further questions? Let’s answer some of them!

1. What is something I can do at home?

There are various things you could do at home. You could make prank calls, create something from scratch, match outfits, watch a movie, or drown in alcohol. All these are easy to handle but are surely going to be fun and relaxing.

2. What is the craziest thing from the list, and why?

The craziest thing on the list is a homeless wanderer for one day. Because no one wants to know what it feels like to be an actual wanderer. It’s out of the box to consider leaving your home for the streets, but it’s not a terrible idea.

3. What can I do today? I’m bored!!

You can go through the list and try out the one that best suits you at the moment and which seems interesting to you.

Summary: Crazy Things to Do With Friends

If you are a lazy person and just want to have a quick look at each item, this section is for you. Have a quick look:

  1. Crash a Wedding
  2. Wear a crazy outfit and roam around.
  3. Do a Crazy Photo Shoot
  4. Make a Movie (homemade)
  5. Try to Break a Guinness World Record
  6. Invite a Poor Person to a Warm Meal
  7. Be a Homeless Wanderer for One Day
  8. Sleep Under the Stars/0n a Beach
  9. Compliment Strangers
  10. Make a Call to a Random Number
  11. Get High for Once
  12. Jump Off a Cliff Into the Ocean
  13. One Week Camping in the Mountains
  14. Do a Good Deed Together
  15. Take Part in a Marathon
  16. Go Bungee Jumping
  17. Make Something from Scratch

Why being so lazy? Here are some simple tips for you to stop being lazy and be active like a pro!

Final takeaway.

We’re at the end of this post! YAY!

If you’ve found anything you’d love to try on this list, it’s recommended that you start small and go big.

Go easy and smooth!

You could try out those that can be done at home before risking it all. To be safer, try as much as possible not to break strict rules.

Be true to yourself and have the most fun day of your lives!

Want to Have More Fun? Ran out of budget? Don’t worry, I have made a list of activities to enjoy your life without money! Problem solved! Enjoy.