Top 6 Free Digital Marketing Course in Bangla

Digital marketing, also known as online marketing, helps in the promotion of brands to connect with potential customers through the internet and other forms of digital communication. It includes not only email, social media, web-based advertising but text messages as a marketing channel.

Now that we live in the digital marketing world, it makes a lot more impact in the minds of consumers, which is why all companies in the world are using this medium instead of traditional marketing techniques. Believe me. A former Marketing MBA graduate will not find the job of his choice in the future, has to learn digital marketing techniques to secure his future.

There aren’t enough sources for digital marketing courses in Bengali. So, I chose to write an article regarding it. Would you like to take a digital marketing course in Bengali? Want to know if you need a digital marketing course and what to do with it next? Digital marketing courses are on the rise as it is a compensation qualification that will grow in the years to come. Hundreds of thousands of businesses will need digital marketers to manage their online presence and grow their customer base. The decision for a digital marketing course depends on many factors.

Degrees and courses online in this field are expensive. You do not have to worry about the cost as we are bringing you the six best Bengali language free digital marketing courses. Yes, they are 100% free. These courses may change your destination. And for your convenience, all details are given in the Bengali language.

Best 6 Free Digital Marketing Courses in Bangla Language

You don’t need to watch all 6 courses but I recommend you to watch at least 2 of them. So, let’s get started.

1. SEO Tutorial in Bangla (Beginners Guide) by Md Faruk Khan

I highly recommend this course to beginners. When I first started to learn Digital Marketing, I followed all the lectures and I learned so much.

This course has 12 video lectures which are almost an hour or two long. Even if you decide to go through a video each day, you will be familiar with the digital marketing course in two weeks. Moreover, it is on youtube. It is 100% free. Here is the link to the comprehensive lesson on youtube

2. SEO Bangla Tutorial 2020 by Faruk Khan

After watching the above playlist, I recommend you go through this list. You may get some similar content but it will boost your knowledge.

You cannot be a master in this field with just one regular lesson that takes a lot of time, dedication, and practice. This complete digital marketing course has a total of 12 videos. Some video lessons are for an hour or two while some are for half an hour or twenty minutes. It is also 100% free. Here is the link to the course on youtube.

3. Digital Marketing Course by Eshikhon

This course has 24 lesson videos which are almost an hour long. This course is exactly square to the point. It is the best for beginners as they have step by step instructions. It is 100% free on youtube. It is in the Bangla language. Here is the link to the course on youtube.

4. SEO course in Bangla by Online Course

This course has 51 lesson videos which quite explains how detailed this course is. All of the video lessons are around 90 minutes long. The videos include step by step instructions for beginners in the Bangla language. It is 100% free. Here is the link to the complete lesson on youtube.

5. Digital marketing course in Bangla by online live class bd

This course has 27 videos of the basics of digital marketing. Each of the videos has detailed instructions and is almost an hour long. It is a 100% free course. Here is the course link on youtube.

6. Complete Digital Marketing Course by Pijush Saha

This course consists of 247 videos. It comprises almost everything you need to learn in digital marketing, starting from SEO basics to email marketing, Facebook ads etc. it is a 100% free complete course. Most of the lessons are thirty minutes long, but some are an hour or two long. Here is the link to the free entire playlist of digital marketing in Bangla for free on youtube.

Digital marketing is the retailing of eternity. Digital marketing programs are on the rise because it is an in-demand skill that will grow in the following years. Hundreds and thousands of professions will require digital marketers to maintain their online appearance and improve their client base.

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