How to Improve Your Personality: 15 Best Ways To Follow

“How to improve your personality” – one of the most searched topics on google these days.

Personality is the thing that makes a person different from the rest of the world. This article will guide you through certain things on how you can improve your personality.

Our personality is the typical pattern of how we think, feel, communicate, and behave that makes us unique.

Personality embraces opinions, moods, and attitudes. It is most clearly revealed in interactions with people around you.

For being attractive to others, having is a good personality is extremely important – even more important than good looks.

In today’s competitive world, having a good personality is crucial for a person’s life. Everyone out there gets inspired by their attractive personality. Whether it is a conversation with a bunch of friends or a job interview, there are some features that you must own to make your mark in society.

15 Tips on How to Improve Your Personality

To achieve the best personality some guidelines must be followed. The following 15 tips are not the bible to improve personality but can be very effective if utilize properly.

1. Review Yourself

Reviewing yourself is the most important pillar of improving your personality. 

Ask yourself, How can I improve myself if I don’t know what are the features that make my personality good and what are the characteristics that I should start doing more?

Obviously, before getting on developing something you must understand what it actually is. The same goes for your personality. To get improvement in your personality you should begin with taking a good look at yourself, analyze the traits, the weaknesses and strengths, and every detail that needs some work to be done on it.

Don’t shy away from admitting your flaws and discover yourself as much as you can.

2. Improve Your Body Language

After reviewing your personality flaws and strengths, you should start working on your body language.

I still remember getting bullied by friends at school because of my poor body language. That’s where I understood that our personality plays a vital role in developing our self-respect. It says a lot about ourselves and helps in making certain conjectures about us.

Everything including the way you sit, talk, eat, or walk, leaves an impression on everyone around you, and having the correct body language can do miracles for your personality.

Stand up straight. Stop Walking in the upright position with straight shoulders. Do not droop. Don’t fidget. Sit in a comfortable posture and always look confident by maintaining good eye contact in every social interaction.

Watch this amazing video by Stanford Graduate School of Business “Make body language your superpower”.

3. Develop A Positive Dressing Sense

All of us have heard of style, but ever heard about dressing sense? Dressing sense is how you choose clothes to appear attractive and an excellent dressing sense means dressing in the most attractive way possible.

Your outfit dramatically influences your personality; the way your friends and colleagues treat you. Wearing a poorly designed, poor-fitting outfit can make you look and feel weird wherever you go, and I am sure all of us have experienced it at least once in our lives.

Even though developing a unique dressing sense needs some effort, but, once you learn how to do it, you can make fantastic outfits in a flash.

So, let’s start wearing stylish, smart attire to grab the eyeballs and make people fall in love with your personality!

4. Be A Better Conversationalist

Conversation is a fundamental art to learn that improves your personality. Whether you are an extrovert or an introvert, the energy to start maintaining a good conversation is necessary for communicating and building strong relationships among your colleagues. 

Those who conduct their conversations in a rational, conscious manner, properly direct themselves to the desired goal. Handling conversations successfully is pure art and, almost everything we avail in life lies in our skill to communicate and relate.

So, let’s stop arguing with everyone, start being genuinely interested and respectful, be true to who you are, and start gaining more self-respect and influence on the people around you.

5. Become An Active Listener

One of the most valuable abilities you can own is Listening.

How properly you listen has a major influence on your job effectiveness and the quality of your relations with others. We listen to obtain information, to understand, to enjoy, and to learn.

Research says that we only remember about 10% of what we read but we remember 20% of what we hear, as reported by Edgar Dale who developed the Cone of Experience, known as the “Learning Pyramid“.

That means when you communicate with your colleagues, boss, customers, or wife for 15 minutes, they only pay consideration to less than half of the conversation.

Clearly, listening can benefit all of us from improving. By becoming a good listener, you can enhance your productivity, and the ability to influence, negotiate and persuade.

What’s more, you will avoid misunderstandings and conflicts. All of these are essential for improving one’s personality!

6. Have An Opinion On Important Issues

Having an opinion simply means absorbing valuable information and applying that to make a decision or opinion of your own—instead of only spouting off what you hear others say.

This does not always come easily to us, but luckily, it is something you can teach yourself to do in a better way.

One of the most critical elements of having your opinion is understanding what are the details that matter. A huge amount of info in different views is exposed to us every day that it is very easy to get lost in the details.

Consequently, we should start making opinions on the important issues to enhance our personality.

7. Be Humble And Show Respect

Yes, Confidence is very important, but it doesn’t mean in any way that you should be overconfident or cocky. 

Developing a narcissistic personality to show off spirit is not good – no one admires it. People admire the one who gives respect to them.

Try to develop a personality that has a practical mindset that shows respect, is humble, confident, and not narcissistic at all.

People will admire your personality even in your absence when they believe that you are a humble person.

8. Read More Books

“Books are a uniquely portable magic.” ― Stephen King, On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft. 

What precisely is a good book?

Though everyone might have a different view on that, however, P.J. O’Rourke proposes an impressive formula of what to read.

“You should always read something that will make you look good if you die in the middle of it.” 

– P.J. O’Rourke

Books elegantly increase our knowledge and ideas while keeping our interests alive. And obviously knowledge and ideas contribute a lot in improving our personality.

A person that has no knowledge always remains silent in a group and looks upon everyone’s faces as if they are speaking some unknown language, or he/she starts joking unnecessarily to avoid how uncomfortable he or she is.

9. Be Optimistic

Is your glass half-full or is it’s half-empty? How you answer this question may reveal your viewpoint on life, your approach toward yourself, and whether you are pessimistic or optimistic — and it may even also affect your health.

Every one of us has our own ups and downs, but being an optimistic person has been found to have a meaningful positive impact on the quality of life, such as one’s physical and mental well-being.

Being optimistic enables you to manage stressful circumstances better, which decreases the adverse health consequences of stress on your body.

Once you start being optimistic, you will feel and look positive and fresh, which everyone admires a lot! This is also an important thing to make people fall in love with your personality.

10. Learn From Your Mistakes

Recall back to the last mistake that you did at work. Even if it was very minor, like dropping water on a document moments before you were due to submit it, you will likely have felt a rush of fear and then had the difficulty of putting things right.

None of us is immune to doing mistakes – we are human, after all! But if we only regret and move on as before, we are at risk of doing the same errors again.

Once you start learning from your mistakes instead of doing them again, you will get valuable wisdom that will benefit your personality in the future.

11. Help Other

A strong person is always willing to help others. They willingly offer their assistance wherever required. They do not do it to look good in others’ eyes. It makes them feel good, that’s why they do it.

You grow influential by helping others. Don’t be scared to sacrifice your wish for the need of others.

Whether it is something big or small, people will appreciate you when you give a hand. They will start loving you and eventually copying you to have a personality like yours!

12. Be Confident

People always feel attracted to you, if you are confident. Being attracted doesn’t only mean they want a romantic relationship with you, but they wouldn’t mind having a friendship with you.

A confident person always gives off a vibe of reliability. Once you mix your confidence with your social and communication skills, there will be an exceptional improvement in them.

Whether you do or say, do it with confidence. It should not look like in any way that you are confused or nervous.

Learn more about “How to be more confident“.

13. Start Taking Care Of Yourself

You should not be doing things for others. living on others’ approval will make you their servant; you will never be capable to satisfy everyone. Start loving and taking care of yourself. But don’t do it just for others, do it for yourself.

Start listening to yourself and you will find yourself and understand what you actually want in life. You will start to grow yourself.

You should also begin working on your body. This includes taking good care of your physical health, as well as mental health and always being in your best shape. Eat healthily, start exercising, and use products to keep good skin and hair.

Moreover, make sure that you always smell fresh. You can’t improve your personality until you start taking care of yourself, start doing it now and see how your personality grows positively!

14. Keep Your Smile And Make Other Smile

Your smile can make a direct spot in the heart of the receiver. A beautiful smile is one of the features of people with good character.

Being a miser when spreading smiles has bad impacts on your personality. It’s important to smile with confidence. Stand in front of the mirror and practice various sorts of smiles and ensure that you are not giving off disturbing vibes.

A wrong smile at the wrong time to the wrong person may get you some trouble. A good personality knows how to give ‘formal smiles’ and ‘friendly smiles’. 

You must keep your teeth great; otherwise, you are better off not smiling. Keep your teeth in the right shape and clean.

15. Learn Skills Like Leadership, Public Speaking, Management, Etc.

It is true that some peoples have skills like leadership, public speaking, management, etc. from the start. They don’t have to work to gain excellence in them.

For me, I didn’t have any of them from the start, I learned them!

So, if you are one of my types, you should learn them too!

It is necessary to develop and polish leadership, public speaking, and management skills. These skills are extremely handy as they help in dealing with people and making them fall in love with your personality.

It is never too late to invest in yourself to improve your personality. There are several ways to invest in yourself in the best way. Check out the article.

People also take 30 days of challenges to improve their personality. You also can choose any one challenge from our list.

Final Takeaway

We as humans have the ability to develop our personalities the way we want to. When we shape ourselves, in the best possible way, we contribute not only to ourselves but to others too.

Thus, you can Improve Your Personality without being evidently noticed by keeping these above listed essential tips in your brain and implementing these tips in your daily life.

Implement them and see the extraordinary difference in yourself. Prepare yourself for a battle that is your battle with self! All the very best for your new journey, hope to see a new you.

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