How to Reward Yourself: 15 Awesome Ways

I guess you did something great! Or you just did a stupid thing and now you want to cheer yourself with a simple reward. But how to reward yourself? you may ask.

And that is why you ended up here, reading this article about how to find the best reward for yourself.

Self-reward; is perhaps the most significant thing you can ever do for yourself.

Ever since human beings crawled out of caves and formed civilization, we have appreciated diverse self-gratification ways.

What is the perfect way to reward yourself? What are the importance and examples of rewarding yourself? These are some questions people ask themselves.

It is essential as human beings to feel good about ourselves. This is achieved through self-rewarding. It gives us a sense of self-motivation. It boosts our self-esteem, our confidence and provides us with a purpose in life. These are some examples of rewarding yourself:

15 Ways to Reward Yourself

1. Buy Yourself a New Outfit: Well Dress Boost Your Confidence

We all ought to buy ourselves a new outfit every once in a while, and it boosts our self-confidence. Everyone likes it when someone tells us we look good. You have been working hard on that project and have achieved the targeted goal. Go to that Louis Vuitton store or Gucci store and get that bag you have always dreamt about. It will complement your clothes perfectly.

If you have insufficient money, do not pressure yourself. Go to the nearest boutique and get even a pair of jeans. The magnitude of the reward does not matter. What matters is the thought of buying it; it will go a long way in boosting your motivation for upcoming projects.

2. Enjoy a Spa Treatment: Luxurious and Relaxing Trip

It is the end of a hectic month, and you have received the monthly salary. Take a small amount of it and go for Spa treatment. We all ought to have that feeling of relaxation when having that back massage. Make it a routine that after every month, you save up some money and visit a Spa. It will empower you to have self-drive for the tasks ahead.

 It is the end of a long project; take that Spa package, get a massage, facials, body scrubs, manicures, and pedicures. After that, you will come out rejuvenated, happy about your life, and without any stress.

3. Buy a Fancy Coffee: Long Waited “Expensive” One

On that chilly day or in the morning, go for that Cappuccino or Mocha. As you take a stroll in the neighborhood, thinking about your future tasks. We all deserve that expensive coffee cup after a week of tiresome activities, dress up, apply that perfume, and even if you do not have company, go for that coffee.

Sit by yourself and enjoy the new atmosphere away from home. Go and order that expensive, long-awaited coffee. Your body will thank you by releasing dopamine, which is a sense of pleasure.

4. Book a Meal Out: Lunch or Dinner

We all ought to treat ourselves to that perfect dish; your taste buds will thank you for it. Therefore, put on that dinner dress or a suit, book a reservation in that favorite restaurant, you can invite a friend. Here are some ideas for a perfect meal out. –Try foreign dishes.

Have you tried Chimichanga? This deep-fried burrito is the perfect dish for instant gratification? Famed Chinese cuisines such as the Chinese chicken salad, Chop Suey, or the Veg Hakka Noodles are also nice yet rare treats that work your taste buds. Make sure to try other famous cuisines such as the French, Italian, and Mexican or Thai occasionally; you deserve it.

Thank to technology, you can order a meal through your smartphone. Remember, the goal is not to blow your budget. We are after something popular and exciting, not expensive dishes.

5. Buy a painting: Make Your Wall Alive

Go to that art shop; you have always wanted a painting for that boring wall. It is time to make it alive by getting yourself a lovely picture. It could be a 3d painting. It could also be a wallpaper for that TV area to make it lively and exciting.

You do not have to buy the original Mona Lisa. We are after making our walls vibrant, not overspending our funds by getting expensive paintings. You can also go, have a portrait done of yourself, and put it on that wall. Have that favorite picture mounted and put it on that wall.

6. Get a Plant: Make Room Comfortable

Have you heard about the monstera plant? It is famous for being a houseplant in most residences also known as the Swiss cheese plant. If you are not a plant lover, there are generic artificial plants that make living spaces beautiful. Get a vase for your house and get some lovely roses. This will go a long way in making you feel good about your living room or your bedroom.

Have you heard about succulent plants like the fascinated haworthia or echeveria elegans? They are easy to maintain and do not require a lot of care. Just put those on your balcony, and you are good to go. This will give you a sense of purpose as you take care of the plants.

7. Go For a Movie: Watch a Latest Film

Have you heard that Money Heist Season 5 is out? Go and grab it, make some popcorns, take a blanket and lie on the couch. Watch it on one of those free weekends. Get a thrill from a horror movie, or crime show. Download Netflix; it will boost your morale knowing that you have a movie to watch at the end of the day.

Ask your best friend or a love partner to go with you to a movie theatre, watch the trending movies and become up to date. Watching a movie in a theatre is fun, and is a way of reducing stress by changing the atmosphere. There are also drama series, reality shows, comedies that will also interest you.

8. Go to a Concert or The Theatre

When Beyonce and Jay-z have a concert in your state, book a concert ticket with a couple of friends and have a good time. If you are not a fan of them, worry less, there are always other concerts from different musicians, even gospel singers, comedian’s stand-up shows.

You have a variety of shows to choose from. Go to these concerts, scream and shout and you will feel psyched up. If you are comfortable, you can take a drink. However, it is not advisable if your end goal is to stop taking alcohol. After the concert, all the stress and pressure you had earlier is relieved.

9. Visit an Old Friend or Family: Bonding is Important

I know work has been tiresome, it is the end of the month, and you have your salary. Fuel your car, pass by the grocery store, buy some shopping, and drive to the suburbs where your parents live. The welcome you will receive will fill your heart with joy and happiness.

They have missed seeing you around. While you are there, visit the old hang-out places, meet up with old friends. Through this, old memories will be recreated, the inner child that lives within us will be awakened.

After this trip, you will be motivated and able to focus. You will be able to see the steps you have taken towards the achievement of the target goal. This will excite you to start a new project and work towards achieving other goals.

10. Take a Mini-vacation: Log Off for a Whole Day

This will be the ultimate reward you can gift yourself after completing a project. Book a reservation in your favorite hotel, or book a room through Airbnb for a staycation.

Just go and unwind all the pressure associated with the process of completing your goal. Have you heard about the Great Barrier Reef? It is in Australia. It is one of the most incredible vacation destinations, where you get a chance to experience nature. The Maldives is also another example, where you will have a great vacation.

Travel to Africa to experience the safari in the wild. You get a chance to see wild animals, like the wild beast migration. If this was not in your budget, do not pressure yourself. Download the Airbnb App and book a staycation. There are pocket-friendly offers. The idea is to have a breath of fresh air away from your usual routine.

11. Take up a New Sport: Enjoy the Activity

I know when you hear about sports, your mind instantly clicks to vigorous exercises, like basketball, football, or baseball. I understand that you may not be a fan of the training. There are many games you can take that do not consume a lot of energy.

Invite some of your friends or family, and have game nights. Buy games like monopoly, scrabble, and chess. These games are primarily mental. In the process, you will think about something else, therefore, relaxing your brain. You will talk, bond, laugh, and tell stories with your friends; therefore, you will relieve pressure and have a good time.

For exercise lovers, I know you have been going to the gym and have improved, which is losing weight or building up muscles. You can decide to take up an extra class at the gym, like boxing or dance classes. This will be helpful both physically and mentally. Through this, you will also break the monotony of going to the gym to lift weights.

12. Go Camping: Connection with Nature

Camping is a great idea; it applies to people of all ages, both young and old. This is your opportunity to connect with nature and have some quiet time in the wild.

Gather a group of friends or family. If you do not have a tent, worry less buy one or even rent it. Remember to carry warm clothes, because the nights will be cold. This is a great chance to disappear from the rest of the world and have a good time.

During the time there, put your phone aside, no calls, no texts, and no social media. I understand this won’t be easy. This is the whole point of going camping. You will also learn new skills, unwind from all the stress.

Camping allows you to have a unique experience. The whole idea of camping is physical, like getting firewood, cooking, building your tent, chasing wild animals. Camping can be challenging for some people, cause of the mosquitos and the fear of wild animals. Look at the ultimate goal, which is to relieve stress and have new experiences.

13. Start a New Hobby that You’ve Always Wanted to Do

Do you have a hobby? If not, do not worry; find something that excites you. It could be swimming, cooking, cycling, baking, playing an instrument, or even painting. Just do it consistently, and it will be a habit. Always find time to do that thing you are passionate about. If it needs you to finance it, it is okay to do it. Hobbies like baking require that you have several items like an oven, baking trays. If you do not have them, worry less. Just save up some money.

You don’t need to have a swimming pool to practice swimming. Just go to the nearest swimming pool and do it. We can have more than one hobby; their purpose is to make our lives more enjoyable. Have an activity to look forward to doing during our leisure time.

14. Volunteer for a Good Cause: Creates A Sense of Purpose

Do you know some of the areas you can offer help in your area or country? Some people want to provide support, but they do not know where to start. As a volunteer, either you go for training like the emergency rescue groups or work on a need-time basis. An example can be working in Red Cross or St. Johns. This creates a sense of purpose in life. It is because your help is essential during crises or disasters.

 There are other ways you can volunteer including, visiting children’s homes, visiting the homeless, visiting nursing homes. You can donate some essential things or even overall help like cooking or cleaning when visiting these places. Through volunteering, you get to learn new skills, build your career, and most importantly, be happy and proud of the steps you have taken in life.

15. Do nothing: Relax with a Lazy Lie in

Can you remember the last time you sat on your sofa and just looked up on the roof, not thinking about anything? I am sure you cannot remember. Make it a tendency to sit, not thinking about anything. This will be a form of meditation. You will feel relaxed.

The sad thing is not many of us will do it for more than five minutes because our busy schedules have instilled in us that we should always be running around doing something. We get a guilt feeling anytime we are lazing around. Yet, there are immense benefits of doing nothing. Like it makes us more productive and creative.

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How to reward yourself: in a nutshell

Final Takeaway

In conclusion, remember that the size or magnitude of the reward does not matter. What matters is the thought of doing it. Do not wait for someone else to reward you, be the one who takes the initiative to buy yourself all the good things life can offer.

I had a habit of constantly overworking myself and not giving myself days offs from work. It became hard for me to focus, and I became unproductive. When I introduced the art of rewarding myself, my life took a turn.

I am now more productive, self-motivated, and always happy. Do the same.  You will not only thank me but also your body will be grateful.

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