How to Stop Being Lazy: Top 15 Ways to be Active

In this busy hassle, we all need some time for ourselves to heal our soul and body and prepare it for further geared up. But to start wasting time with the myth of healing ourselves is a wrong attempt. It’s not healing it’s laziness that can ruin our career and willingness in the long run.

We all have come across the time when we feel not active and fight to find an incentive. This is the time when we experienced anxiety, stress, and depression. When we are not done with our work we become pessimistic and start accepting ourselves as not useful for society.  

Now, to overcome laziness. it’s very important to identify the causes and outcomes of it. And also make a keen look to identify your behavior pointing your laziness or weakness.

Here are some important points to get rid of laziness easily:

1. Accept Your Laziness: Self-realization is Important

The first thing we should consider to get rid of laziness is self-realization. If you want to get rid of laziness, you have to admit that you are lazy. Accept it. We all have an intellect of what we want to be, how we should perform, goals we have to achieve, and how we can set our self-identity in the world.

But we don’t often realize our drawbacks. So, self-realization is very important because it is the first step that you can take to achieve your goals.

For human beings, it’s hard to accept their weaknesses.  But human beings are lazy by nature. We often make our comfort zone and start living life happily. Afterward, it becomes our habit. And we never try to get out of it.

To stop being lazy you have to break the boundary, you set around you to stay in comfort.  And start investigating your weaknesses which makes you lazy.

2. Make to-do List: Set More Reasonable Goals   

Once we accepted that “I am lazy. And, I have to get rid of it”. We have to work on our to-do list to get rid of laziness. And to make a to-do list, setting more reasonable goals is very important. Setting goals make one clear about their destination. To reach the destination we have to have a plan for it.

Try these simple and easy steps for a Better To-Do Lists

  • Take a paper with a pen.
  • Make the draft of the lists you want to create
  • List your tasks as soon as you expect them
  • Mark them dates
  • Follow your To-Do Lists daily
  • You can also limit your-self to some tasks on daily bases.

Sometimes, we become lazy because the goals we’ve set for ourselves are too threatening. use a to-do list to set suitable goals, and don’t be scared to lessen the strength of your goals if you’re feeling uninterested.

3. Start Small: Break Tasks into Pieces

One major cause that makes us lazy is a large boring task. When we need to accomplish a bigger long tedious task, we have to break it into small pieces and start small. The first step is very important. So, keep it simple and small.

sometimes we find motivation and become eager about a new goal. We become passionate about new goals and start working on them. But with time we become fed up with that long task and give up. It happens because we fail to recall the importance of starting small.

To overcome such a situation, sit with yourself for a moment and break the whole task into pieces which you feel more proficient and motivated to continue climbing.

I myself many times become motivated and passionate to learn some new courses. But after few hours, I become fed up with it. And I lose interest in it. I usually give up. Afterward, I start breaking down the whole course into different pieces. I plan to start with a few simple and interesting lectures. Then I realize, I start getting interested in it become more passionate with time to learn. I completed many courses the same way.

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4. Use the Pomodoro Technique: Avoid Distraction

To avoid laziness, you may need to have an awesome technique. Pomodoro Technique is one of them. You may want to know about what is this technique? and how does it work?

The Pomodoro technique is a time managing strategy that will improve your attention and efficiency. It inspires you to effort within the time you have, rather than fighting against it. Working of Pomodoro Technique is as follows:

  • Take a pre-made to-do list and a timer.
  • Set the timer for 25 minutes, and give attention to the one small piece of task until 25 minutes ends.
  • When the first sated time ends, mark off one pomodoro and see what you accomplished.
  • Then have a small 5 minutes break.

As 25 minutes are considered the most appropriate time period to focus on work and then take a short break.  However, you can set a different time interval which works best for you. You can apply this method to successfully “quarantine” your laziness. Make sure to be perfectly lazy during the short breaks, after the break set your all focus to work.

This is also a great way to avoid procrastination.

5. Convert Your Most Tedious Tasks into Fun

Generally, people like fun. So, converting your most boring tasks into a fun can help you to be more interested to complete them. Having stress over task is dangerous. The more you put workload on your nerves the more you become fed-up and unproductive.

Human being cannot work continuously specially in bore environment. Making your tasks done with a fresh mind and active body is very important for a productive outcome. So, to make your schedule joyful convert your tasks into fun by having some sort of funny activities.

Try some music during your work if it’s not distracting you. Have a phone call to your friend or family and continue discussing the project or work you are doing. Giving a reward to yourself could also make your tasks pleasing and motivating for you. Listening to some jokes could also be funny and pleasing for your mind to stay activated and motivating.

6. Manage Your Stress: Recognize Your Accomplishments

We start feeling lazy or unmotivated in the face of a tough task. Many times, when we attempt to do a big task and we fail in it, we start blaming ourselves too much for our failures.  we become regular sick of the stress and trauma.

This is so dangerous and sufficient to rust our abilities and develop laziness in the long run afterward. So, keep yourself balance to avoid stress.

Human being finds themselves much more motivated when they realize their achievements and rewards at the end of an intimidating journey. So, when you feel demotivated and stressed due to some failure, stop thinking about it.  

Realize your achievements to stay focused and motivated. Think about your accomplishments and recognize it.

7. Don’t Expect to be Perfect: Overcame Perfectionism

Perfectionism is another major cause of laziness. Perfectionism is an opponent of productivity.  When we cannot achieve perfectionism, we feel less motivated and lazier. We should know that Perfectionism does not exist at all.

We are human beings and the failure is the part of life. Many times, we achieve our goals in first attempt, but sometimes we don’t.  Moreover, scientific studies have proven that perfectionism is dangerous for your health, physically and mentally.

People with high perfectionism status have a 51% more risk of death. We should accept that there is always a room for errors in any of the job exists. We shouldn’t expect ourselves to be perfect.

Perfectionism is a big obstacle in becoming more motivated and aimed. It brings optimistic approach to one’s life. It brings laziness and makes one deprived of any interest and motive towards life goals.

8. Ask for Help: Get Accountability Partner

Sometimes we try everything to come out of laziness or idleness but nothing works.  At that time we need someone’s help to figure out the problem. Maybe something would be hidden from you, something you haven’t focus on, and that particular thing should be realized.

We always stay motivated If there is someone by our side. Having a partner is not only the source of sharing your project problem and overcome them, but also a source of positive energy. Someone’s presence may inspire you to be on track instead of becoming lazy while staying in your own world of difficulties. You just need to discuss your things with someone whom you trusted the most.

If you do not have a partner that’s ok. an accountability partner could be your friend, your teacher your colleague, or someone you trust the most and discuss your issues with them and provide support.  It will help you to get out of laziness and will make you productive.

9. Set a Reward for Yourself/ Reward Yourself

Getting rewards for achieving something is also very important and productive. When you achieve something, you tried for then reward yourself in return because it’ll keep you happy and motivated. Appreciate yourself. Enjoy your success. For example, have a dinner or lunch outside after getting your task done could be a refreshing reward for oneself.

Realize your achievement. This would be because of positive energy. Setting reward and then achieving it will become your habit to achieve your goals. You will start giving importance to yourself. You will realize your abilities and will use them in a better way.  

Reward could be of any form like have a chit-chat with friends will refresh you and gear you up for further tasks or goals to achieve.  you can’t be lazy anymore during your tasks or in your busy schedule. Giving reward yourself will build a sense of respect and honor for your own.

10. Surround Yourself with Motivated Positive and Active People

To stay motivated and positive helps you to become more productive.  It is very important to be surrounded by active and positive people. Positive and active people made a positive impact on your personality.  Motivated people’s achievements keep you motivated to be like them.

And in this way, you stay active to keep going without getting bored and being lazy. Positive people refresh your mind and help you to come out of the problem when you are stuck.

On the other hand, if you’re surrounded by lazy people who regularly protest and usually have a negative point of view, will makes you pessimist and lazy. Therefore, it is said that” birds of a feather flock together”. So, a company has a great impact on one’s personality. So, chose your company by choice, not by chance.

11. Connect with Inner Motivation: Do More Positive Self-talk

Connection to one’s inner-self is very important to stay motivated. Sometimes we become so engaged in other social activities and busy schedules without realizing our own needs.

Having a strong connection with your inner is very important. While talking with your own, talk positive things, what you have achieve? Talk to your inner about your goals. Your inner satisfaction is very important to become successful.

Positive self-talk increases performance by helping you to build self-confidence, improve your trust in your abilities, decrease your fears, and keep you happy. It is also specifically valuable for those tasks which involve strength and stamina, response time when confronted with making a decision.

When we become pessimists and lose confidence. We start underestimating our own abilities. We get stressed an become lazy in result. To avoid laziness, positive self-talk plays an important role.

12. Take Proper Exercise, Sleep, and Rest

Another major cause of laziness is our health. Sometimes we get too busy in our tasks that we forget to have proper sleep and sufficient exercise to heal our body.

We engage too much in our schedule and ignore our health. And we all know that Proper Exercise, sleep, and rest is much important to avoid health issues as well laziness. You just need to aim to get the suggested hours of sleep each night to feel relaxed and ready to confront the busy day ahead.

You can have a better sleep at night, by avoiding any activity just before bed and by limiting nap time during the day.

Having proper exercise is a reliable way to get rid of laziness. A little exercise can upsurge your energy levels, keep you happy, and reduce nervousness. 

13. Build Good Food Habits: Avoid Foods That Cause Laziness

Another important cause to avoid laziness is our eating habits. Healthy food is very important for having a positive state of mind and positive energy for our body.

Eating habits should be good to have a fresh and active life. The foods that boost up energy and make the mind fresh could be a great source of being healthy and productive. The irregularity in your mealtime will make you sick. And bad health has a great impact to keep you lazy and idle.

Eating fresh food is a medicine to treat laziness. As eating less is risky eating much could also be dangerous because it can create laziness. A balanced diet is very important. Try to avoid junk food and food with excess oil or cholesterol which is a cause of many health issues.

14. Be Kind to Yourself: It’s OK to Fail and Be Lazy Sometimes

Blaming oneself for failures could be dangerous and another cause of being lazy. It can easily spoil yourself, having regrets all the time with you, and keep nourishing them every day will put your mind in the dark corner.

It’s very important to be kind to yourself. we should accept that failure is a part of life. Many times, we fail. But we have to try it once more. We have to give space to own selves. It is very important to keep ourselves lazy sometimes.

It’s alright to become lazy sometimes. Once you planned to be lazy then make the most of it. Get exit of work and go on vacations. Refresh yourself to your fill. Let yourself away from all responsibilities. Having breaks and vacations have a net positive result on productivity.

15.Keep Going: Be Willing to Change Yourself 

Having a comfort zone is another major cause of laziness. If you create a space that is justifiable for your behavior, then it becomes tough for you to change.

But everything depends upon your willingness. If you are willing to change your behavior then no one can stop you to avoid laziness. You should be determined to change yourself, and you should have a firm determination that should be firmer every day.

If sometimes you feel low and find yourself demotivated, remind yourself of your big goals which you have to achieve. Motivate yourself from your inner, fight with yourself, and you will overcome it.

In this journey, your willpower would be your strength. I had been a victim of laziness because of my comfort zone. But I decided to get out of my comfort zone. And I made it with my willpower. 

Final Takeaway

“I will always choose a lazy person to do a difficult job because he will find an easy way to do it.” — Bill Gates

Sometimes we need some relaxation and lazy days in these hectic lives. It’s totally fine to be lazy for many of the time. Our challenging inner laziness plays an important part in making someone more productive.

But lack of motivation and laziness should never be the reason to stop you from achieving your goals. You just need to find a strategy or several strategies right for you and hold them strongly.