Salt and Pepper Diamond: Things to Know

Engagement is a moment that can be treasured for a lifetime. Using salt and pepper diamond engagement ring can make it even better. With the rise in salt and pepper diamonds’ popularity, this might just be what you need.

So, what are salt and pepper diamonds?

The salt and pepper diamonds have several black and white inclusions, thus giving the diamonds a speckled and silk gray look. Expect that these inclusions will not be the same for the different diamonds, so no salt and pepper diamonds are the same.

Seeing how much salt and pepper diamonds can be exclusive is more reason for considering them the next time you need a diamond ring.

Salt and Pepper Diamonds Appearance

Salt and pepper diamonds can be characterized as having a simple, wild, and mysterious look. Having the silk gray and smoky look would make more people consider them as they are different from what people get as diamonds.

Expect to find some of them having more inclusions compared to others. More inclusions lead to a stronger speckled look. Expect such diamonds to be more popular than those with fewer inclusions.

As much as the speckles can make them look different, the salt and pepper diamonds would not shine as much as their white counterparts. This is because there is less light refraction making them a bit duller.

Not to worry about their shining because you can still enjoy that sparkly diamond shine under the right light.

How about the shape and size?

Expect that the salt and pepper diamonds would have different shapes and sizes like the other traditional diamonds.

Most salt and pepper diamonds would be rose cut. This type of cut gives it a timeless look you would want for a diamond ring. Also, a rose cut gives the diamond a larger surface area to show off its overall brilliance.

The rose cut would not be the only option for shape and size. Expect to find a custom look, too, depending on your needs. Most providers will give you the option of choosing the design you like.

Features of Salt and Pepper Diamonds

In case you have to evaluate any type of diamond, four main things are involved. They include clarity, cut, color, and carat size. They are also commonly referred to as the 4C’s of a diamond.


With the many inclusions, is the clarity of a salt and pepper diamond affected? That would be something anyone looking to get the diamond would be asking themselves.

Even though the diamond might have inclusions, the distribution is what gives them a unique look compared to what you get with a traditional diamond.

Having more black inclusions makes the diamond more dark or gray. Some like it this way. So, clarity might not always be the biggest issue for choosing salt and pepper diamonds.


Salt and pepper diamonds can also come in different colors. Expect the color to range from colorless to milky, depending on inclusion concentration.

These diamonds may also have hints of gray, yellow, and green colors too.


We could not forget the cut of salt and pepper diamonds. Having a proper cut can determine the brilliance of the diamond.

This type of diamond has reduced brilliance naturally because of the high number of inclusions in it. As such, this diamond type is mostly cut to highlight the inclusions and their unique patterns.

Expect cut types such as rose cuts, step cuts, and geometric shapes, including pears, kites, triangles, and hexagons.

Carat size

Salt and pepper diamonds have a wide range in terms of carat size. Since they are affordable and easily available, they can be bought in larger sizes than traditional diamonds.

As for pricing against carat size, the salt and pepper diamond price tends to stay even as the carat size increases.

What to Consider in a Salt and Pepper Diamond Ring

Remember that salt and pepper diamonds are not the same. What should consider if you want to get a salt and pepper diamond ring for your loved one?

Here are tips to help you focus and make the right decision.

  1. Look at the diamond’s inclusions and potential cuts

Salt and pepper diamonds generally have unique patterns and inclusions. This means that they can work for different cuts also.

If the diamond has too many inclusions, it reduces its brilliance. So, work with the gem cutter to find the right cut for that specific salt and pepper diamond.

The cutters would mostly focus on highlighting the inclusions and patterns.

  1. Type of setting available

How the salt and pepper diamond would be mounted is also a key consideration. The good news is that these diamonds are quite versatile, thus the reason more people love them.

Being versatile means, they would work with different metal colors or be combined with other gemstones too.

We recommend opting for a protective type of setting. A bezel or halo setting could help in protecting the diamond and improve its longevity.

  1. Overall quality of the diamond

Of course, you want the quality of the diamond to be top-notch also. One thing to note is that the inclusions make the salt and pepper diamonds deemed low quality than the rare colored diamonds.

Also, these diamonds are more easily available than traditional diamonds. This does not mean they are not valuable. At the end of the day, they are still diamonds.

Try to get your salt and pepper diamond from a renowned supplier. This would help you get access to quality diamonds always.

  1. Price

The cost would also determine which type of salt and pepper diamond you finally buy.

These diamonds cost an average of $150 to $1500 depending on inclusions, size, and other features. It is best to take your time to go through the different options available to find something within your budget that still looks good too.

Why Pick a Salt and Pepper Diamond Engagement Ring?

Assuming you want to propose to someone you love, there will be a number of options for engagement rings. However, why would someone consider salt and pepper diamond rings?

Here are a few reasons for picking the salt and pepper diamond rings


The salt and pepper diamonds have many inclusions, which is not always what people want in a diamond. However, that does not mean the diamond is not good.

Because of such, salt and pepper diamonds are cheaper than traditional diamonds. Your fiance will not forget that it is still a diamond ring. Those on a budget can still make an impression with such an option.

More sustainable

A lot can go into getting different types of diamonds. Because of the rarity, some diamonds might attract unethical mining. That is not what you get with salt and pepper diamonds.

Since such diamonds are easier to get, they are more sustainable. They would not need a lot of mining, which also makes them eco-friendly in some way.


Salt and pepper diamonds are quite versatile. This is because they can be shaped differently than the usual cuts.

Cutters focus more on the patterns and inclusions of the diamond to bring out a great look. Since no salt and pepper diamonds are the same, it is possible to customize them to the look you want.

A beautiful look

The salt and pepper diamonds are also beautiful just like the other diamonds. Their speckled appearance makes them unique and still alluring. Each diamond you get is different, so it would always have a distinct look.

Tips for Caring for Your Salt and Pepper Diamond Ring

Salt and pepper diamonds are generally easy to maintain. They will not show signs of wear and tear like what you would get with traditional diamonds. Nevertheless, you still need to care for them correctly.

It is advisable to clean it monthly so that it does not get dull. This type of cleaning is essential to remove potential dirt buildup on the band and ring.

Still, take off the ring whenever you shower or wash your hands for an extended period. Water would not harm the ring right away, but it can lead to tarnishing and lost luminosity.

How Valuable are Salt and Pepper Diamonds?

Many people have recently been interested in getting salt and pepper diamonds. Based on the features of the diamonds, who would not want to check them out?

You would notice that an increase in demand also increases the price of these diamonds. That is why you can expect them to still be valuable.

Unlike colorless diamonds, these are common, so the price largely depends on the demand. There are times you would find the supply is a lot higher, thus the reason for low prices.

That should not worry you, as salt and pepper diamonds are still diamonds. The name ‘diamond’ still gives them value. So, no matter whether they are easily available or rare, each diamond type would still be valuable.

The good thing with salt and pepper diamonds is that they are unique and still durable. Each diamond is different. Such exclusivity would definitely make the diamonds good in terms of value.

Common Settings for Salt and Pepper Diamonds

Remember when we said that salt and pepper diamonds are versatile? That is what makes it possible to have different settings for this type of diamond. Here are the common examples of diamond settings for salt and pepper diamonds.

  • Bezel setting

A bezel setting features a metal rim surrounding the diamond. This type of setting gives the ring a modern look and is possibly the most secure setting. It is not easy for the diamond to fall off with such a setting.

  • Flush setting

As much as there might be different flush settings, the main principle is the same. The gem is aligned to be flush with the surrounding surface of the ring. This type of setting is advisable for people who are often busy and want their gem to be secure and tucked in the ring.

  • Six-pronged setting

Sometimes you just want to display the diamond to look more prominent. Then a pronged setting would be the type of setting you to consider.

As much as it helps with making the diamond more visible, it is also less secure than flush and bezel settings. The six-pronged setting is used to make a pronged setting more secure.

Below is a video with the types of diamond settings you should know

Salt and Pepper Diamonds Durability

Salt and pepper diamonds have a Mohs Scale of 10 just like other diamond types. This makes them quite hardy and can last a long time.

However, having many inclusions also comes with several downsides. These inclusions make the diamond more prone to fractures compared to traditional diamonds.

That being said, you can always handle the diamonds with care and they would last for a long time, even generations later.

Cleaning can also affect durability. Make sure to avoid using ultrasonic cleaners as they might lead to cracks and fractures. Using mild soap plus a soft brush can be enough to restore its brightness and sparkle.


  • Offers uniqueness
  • Comes with a wide range of design options
  • Can stand out with many options
  • Affordable diamonds
  • Durable diamonds
  • Stylish diamonds


  • Does not have so much sparkle
  • Not sold by all diamond retailers


Where can you find salt and pepper diamonds?

Start by checking in a diamond store close to you. If that seems hard, you can still find them on top-rated jewelers online. Other platforms to consider are Etsy and Amazon too.

Are salt and pepper diamonds sparkly and shiny?

Diamonds will always have a luster to them, but salt and pepper diamonds are not the shiniest options, unlike clear diamonds. You would still get some shine though, depending on the patterns.

How much can you spend to get a salt and pepper diamond?

It depends mostly on the size, amount of inclusions, and other factors to determine the pricing. Expect them to cost as from $150 to around $1500.

Are salt and pepper diamonds ethical?

It is often claimed that salt and pepper diamonds require fewer mining activities to find them. This would often make them ethical, but doing more research on the source of the diamonds helps make a definitive decision.

Wrapping Up

Salt and pepper diamonds are just as good as traditional diamonds. The best part is that you get them at an affordable price. In case you were looking to get your soon-to-be fiance a great engagement ring, but on a budget, this is your chance.

Just ensure you still care for these diamonds as you would for the others. This ensures they would last just as long and still look great when you show them to other people.